Khud chaak ker ke ghiribaan, zakhm si lete hain...

Khud chaak ker ke ghiribaan, zakhm si lete hain,
Aao ab khud he hijr ka jaam pi lete hain,

Aftaab ki gardish main mubtala hain tamaam siyare,
Hum bhi apne shab-o-roz teri yaad ke gird ji lete hain,

Tark-e-taluq ki naveed sunain un ko tou kis maqsad se?
Dil-o-jaan jo dete hain, woh haal-e-dil jaan bhi lete hain,

Perdesi pun ki ghariyon main se, yaadon ke iss khazanay se,
Hum lete hain kuch tou bus woh aik shaam hi lete hain,

Tearing our own gown apart, we sewed our wounds,
Come, let's go drink the wine of separation ourselves,

In the orbit of the sun, do all the planets revolve,
Let us also revolve our days around your memory,

What point in telling them the news of this relationship's ending,
Those who give their heart, know also the state of the heart,

From all the time in this foreign land, from all these beautiful memories,
If I had to choose one, I would choose the evening we spent together,

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